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Add-On Steering Damper Stabilizer FJ40, FJ45 1958-1984

SKU: 572-101
Model: FJ40, FJ45
Year: 1958-1984


If your cruiser won't stay on the straight and narrow, this add-on steering damper could be just what you need.

The add-on damper shouldn't be used to diagnose or fix any problem. It's main purpose would be for someone whose steering system is in good shape, has oversize tires, or extra weight over the front end - something which puts more stress on the steering components than what would have come stock. The added stress to the steering components can amplify road surface imperfections, degrading the drivability of the vehicle and causing what some would call "wandering" or "bump steer". This add-on helps damp more of the imperfections, bringing the drivability back up to a stock level.

It can also help improve the service life of the steering components since it will absorb more of the shock from contact with objects like rocks on the trail, or potholes in the road.

*We always recommend professional installation when it comes to critical components such as steering or brakes.

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