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Aluminum Radiator - 3 Row - FJ40, FJ45 1958-1984

SKU: 558-102
Model: FJ40
Year: 1958-1984


Don't let your old, leaking, beat up radiator leave you stranded. It's time to upgrade to our brand new Aluminum Radiators designed to use your factory mounts and hoses. These are a direct bolt-in replacement. Perfect for any F, 2F engine or V8 Conversion. All aluminum tanks, cores, brackets and welds, absolutely no epoxy; Higher density core: cooling rows are spaced 3/8" apart: giving you 25% more rows than any others in our price range and 35% more rows than OEM copper; Aluminum dissipates heat more efficiently than copper or brass; 14-16 cooling fins per inch giving you approximately 1,500 more cooling fins than other aluminum radiators and approximately 3,000 more than OEM copper radiators. Lighter weight Outperforms other 2 row aluminum as well as 3 and 4 row copper radiators and has a great High performance appearance. • Core: 17 1/8” Tall x 19 ½” Wide • Overall Dimensions 22" High x 22-1/8" Wide • Inlet 1 ½” Divers side / Outlet 1 ½” passenger side • Tank is 2 ½” Thick • Transmission Cooler Ports Included / 1/2" 20 Straight Thread G 1/4 (don't use NPT). • Radiator Cap Included

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