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Bellhousing Adapter - GM V8/Land Cruiser Transmission - FJ40, FJ45, FJ55 1958-1973

SKU: 524-116
Model: FJ40, FJ45, FJ55
Year: 1958-1973


Fits: FJ40/45/55 1958 - 9/73 with stock 3 speed transmission and transfer case When deciding to do a conversion, the first step is to select the type and size of engine you would require. You should consider things such as dependability, power, economy, speed, price range, adaptability, and availability of equipment and parts. With reference to engine conversions, the Chevy V8 seems to be the most popular option. This adapter will allow you to use your stock toyota manual transmission behind a Chevy V8. This conversion will require driveline, shift lever, and floorpan modification. - This adapter plate assembly is used to adapt a GM bell housing to the Toyota Land Cruiser 3 speed manual transmission. - Kit includes a steel adapter plate .375” thick, new 4.686” bearing retainer, pilot bushing, gasket, seal, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions. - Measure your bell housing index hole to ensure it is the 4.686" diameter. If it is 5.125", you will need to purchase an index hole reducer, sold separately. Transmission - These transmissions were offered in both column and floor shifted models. In order to use the original 3 speed transmission, you must have a floor shifter, because the column shift mechanism will not have sufficient clearance between the new engine and firewall. If your transmission is column shifted, you will need to change the transmission top cover over to a floor shifter style. Note: When using this transmission on V8 conversions, driveshaft modifications will be required. *Tech Tip: The following Chevy parts will be necessary: - Clutch Release Lever - Pressure Plate 11" - Centerforce CF165473S - Clutch Disc with 1-1/8"-10 Spline - Flywheel - 168 tooth - Bellhousing with Small Index Diameter of 4.686" (must have 14" inside clearance)

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