Distributor Clamp - OEM - FJ40, FJ45, FJ55 1958-1980

SKU: 525-419
Model: FJ40, FJ45, FJ55
Year: 1958-1980


OEM Toyota - Fits FJ40/45, FJ55 - 1958 - 7/1980 The distributor clamp holds the distributor firmly in place once the timing has been set. It also keeps the oil pump drive seated in the pump. Over time, this clamp tends to stretch, reducing it's clamping power. This can cause erratic performance, since it could cause the ignition timing to change, and in some cases, loss of oil pressure, if the distributor were to come up enough to disengage the oil pump. If yours is rusted or stretched to the limit, it's time to replace it! *Tech Tip: If you do need to replace the clamp, know that it does require removal of the distributor, and re-setting the timing. If you are not familiar with these procedures, consult your local mechanic.

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