Fuel Pump - OEM - FJ40, FJ45, FJ55 1979-1984

SKU: 525-372
Model: FJ40, FJ45, FJ55
Year: 1979-1984


OEM Toyota - Fits FJ40/45, FJ55 - 1/1979 - 10/1984 If your fuel pump is not working properly, your Cruiser won't run properly. Over time, the rubber diaphragm can wear out, become brittle, and crack. This Toyota-made pump is made to exactly fit your Cruiser, and provide the proper flow rate of fuel to your carburetor. - Starting in '79, some Cruisers came with fuel pump spacers, some didn't. We recommend purchasing a new spacer when replacing the fuel pump, provided yours came with one from the factory - You'll have to check to see if yours has a spacer or not. The original spacer can compress over time, which places the pump arm too far into the engine block. Search SKU: 551-150 for the spacer. - You'll also want to get 2 new gaskets, one for each side of the spacer - SKU: 551-188 *Tech Tip: You should always replace your fuel filter when replacing the pump as debris picked up from the gas tank can damage your new pump.

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