Gas Tank - OEM - FJ40 & FJ45 1968-1972

SKU: 525-590
Model: FJ40, FJ45
Year: 1968-1972


OEM Toyota - Fits FJ40/45 - 1968 - 9/1972 If you have a fuel smell inside your Cruiser, it may be time to replace the tank. Over time, the elements can take their toll. Water condenses on the inside walls, causing rust, and possibly pin-holes. The rust can flake off and contaminate your fuel system, and pin-holes will leak raw fuel, causing a safety hazard. This brand new steel, Toyota-made tank is the one you want! -

Be sure to find some jute or rubber padding to insulate your tank from the body of the Cruiser. This will cut down on noise in the cab, corrosion between the tank and body, and possible build up of static electricity. *Note - Toyota has revised the design of this tank. It no longer has provisions for the fuel separator lines, or the charcoal canister under the hood. This does not affect the performance of the vehicle in any way, but it does bypass the outdated emission controls.

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