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Leaf Spring Bushing Kit - FJ40, FJ45, FJ60, FJ62 1980-1990

SKU: A215
Model: FJ40, FJ45, FJ60, FJ62
Year: 1980-1990


Fits FJ40/45 Toyota Land Cruisers 8/1980 - 10/1984 and FJ60, FJ62 Toyota Land Cruisers 8/1980 - 1/1990. • Performance in all temperatures • Components do not rot or deteriorate from exposue to oils, undercar chemicals or atmostpheric conditions such as smog or ozone. • Graphite impregnated to alleviate squeaks. • Manufactured to fit factory leaf springs, shackles, and hangers. • Made in the USA This polyurethane bushing kit fits a 33mm diameter spring eye, and has a center hole diameter of 17mm. NOTE: 12 bushings are included in this kit. That is the number needed for x1 axle. For both axles you will need x24 bushings, x2 kits. *Tech Tip: If your cruiser was built in 1980, check the bushing size before ordering. We have seen later than 7/80 FJ40s with the small sized (early style) bushings, so it's best just to check. Quick and easy way is to look at the leaf spring pin. If your pin has 2 bolts on it, you have the early style small bushings (SKU: 517-101). If your pin has 1 bolt, you have the later style large bushings (this listing).

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