Parking Brake Cable - OEM - FJ60 1980-1985

SKU: 525-545
Model: FJ60
Year: 1980-1985


OEM Toyota - Fits FJ60 - 8/1980 - 4/1985 This OEM Toyota cable goes from the interior handle, all the way back to the brake drums on the rear axle. Tech Tip: It's pretty common for the parking brake levers, which are bolted to the rear brake backing plate, to corrode and lock up, causing the emergency brake to not function properly. This extra resistance can cause the cable to stretch or break. Our recommendation is to check the levers for proper movement, and if they are siezed, it usually takes penetrating oil and heat to get them apart for cleaning and rebuilding. *Note: Always wear proper safety equipment when working on your Cruiser. We always recommend that a qualified professional shop perform more technical tasks such as this.

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