Water Pump w/ Oil Cooler - w/out Fan Clutch AISIN Brand - FJ40, FJ45, FJ55 1975-1979

SKU: 545-120
Model: FJ40, FJ45, FJ55
Year: 1975-1979

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Fits FJ40/45, FJ55 - 1/1975 - 1/1979 Keep your Land Cruiser running cool. One of the first signs of water pump failure is coolant dripping from the weep hole on the water pump itself. Once this starts, the pump should be replaced. *Tech Tip: While you're already elbows deep in your engine bay replacing the water pump, it is a good time to inspect common wear items such as: Fan, Fan Clutch, Thermostat, Belts, Hoses, and even inspect the Radiator for any small leaks you may not have been able to see with the fan and shroud in place. A little extra effort spent now can save time later. AISIN takes pride in being the No. 1 water pump supplier to the Japanese automobile manufacturers. Utilizing the experience and knowledge gained throughout the years of cooperation directly with automotive manufacturers, AISIN is able to employ a technological advantage in manufacturing and supplying the best in quality and the most durable products. AISIN water pumps provide optimal cooling without creating excess load to the engine. AISIN's advanced aluminum die-casting technology allows for size and weight reductions without sacrificing cooling performance. The highest quality materials are used, creating stronger body design and resistance to corrosion. Advanced technological design produces smooth coolant flow channels, efficient rotors, ball bearings, and carbon ceramic mechanical sealing for optimum cooling performance and longevity. Feaures: Engine specific wwater pressure is acheved without excessive load to engine. AISIN's aluminum die-casting technology allows for size and weight reduction. Improved strength in body design and carbon ceramic mechanical seals assures leak prevention.

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